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The Need for Off Ramp from "Ozempic" and other GLP-1 antagonists

My first job while I was still in residency was working for a Kaiser Permanente's Positive Choice Wellness Center which was brainchild of Dr. Vincent Felitti (now best known for his work on ACE or adverse childhood events). At that time, fen-phen ( was all the rage until side effects resulted in litigations and discontinuation of the use of fen-phen.

Ozempic and other GLP-1 antagonists are all the rage today. Asides from potential side effects (, it appears our society is grappling with high costs of Ozempic and Wegovy.

Also, clinically, there appears to be a weight-loss plateau... and practical considerations make life-time use of the medication impractical for the most.

A recent Atlantic article advocate for the need of an "Off Ramp from Ozempic."

I agree. Fortunately, at Memorial Hospital, we have been working on such off ramp options such as:

  • Duke Keto Diet

  • Optifast

  • Healthy Lifestyle

In my next articles, I hope to explore each options in detail.

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