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Can type 2 diabetes (T2D) be reversed?

Short answer is yes - it is possible.

I am unsure if medications can reverse type II diabetes. In medical school I was taught that medications (oral) would bring a "honeymoon period" followed by resistance resulting in higher dose of medication to be needed. Even if medication can reverse type II diabetes, I am unsure if the remission would be maintained once medication is stopped.

In contrast, low carb (ketosis inducing) diets can result in restoring insulin sensitivity. The reduced carb also results to less insulin to be needed by the body and the body to be more sensitive to insulin - through weight loss. This could be described as less insulin resistance - but I prefer enhanced insulin sensitivity.

Below are some examples of success of T2D we have recently seen.

1. One person is now off medications and blood sugars are normal which means her diabetes is in remission.

2. Another person has been receiving excellent conventional care for T2D with medications but blood sugars were still high - after one month of keto-lifestyle medicine, blood sugar has decreased to the point one of diabetes medications have been decreased.

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