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After completing medical school, Dr. Yoon Hang Kim wanted to continue to learn about treating the whole person which led to family medicine residency.  In the third year of family medicine residency, Dr. Kim decided to change his path to integrative medicine [see blog entry: "getting bitten and getting hooked on integrative medicine].  Dr. Kim was ultimately accepted to Dr. Andrew Weil's Residential Fellowship and spent two years learning from Dr.  AndrewWeil and his faculty in Tucson, Arizona.

Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Yoon Hang Kim

Graduation 2004 December

Tucson, Arizona

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After graduation from Dr. Weil's fellowship, Dr. Kim worked as a consultant to institutions interested in developing sustainable integrative medicine related projects in the SF Bay Area.  One of his clients offered a position to serve as Dean of Integrative Medicine at Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College - Berkeley


Because Dr. Kim's mission has been to bring integrative medicine to health care system, he accepted an offer to bring integrative medicine to Georgia.  However, the effort collapsed after several month, but Dr. Kim's patients urged Dr. Kim to stay in the area and continue to serve the patient population.  Georgia Integrative Medicine began by patient demand, for patients, and in the beginning run by patients (some of who became staff).  Georgia Integrative Medicine served 10 years while building a community of healers transforming healthcare one patient at a time.   


Inspired by Dr. Kim, the practice facilitated creation of other healers:

  • Two physicians

  • Homeopath and nutritionist

  • Integrative PT

  • Two acupuncturists

  • Counselor and coach.

Georgia Integrative Medicine either directly invested in them or facilitated their growth.  

After Georgia Integrative Medicine, he served as a medical director to health institutions creating integrative oncology program, directing integrative medicine fellowship, developing integrative medicine consultation program, and integrative pain management program.

Dr.Kim has been contributing to the knowledge base through writing review articles.  When editors rejected articles on low dose naltrexone, he published a book on LDN:

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Therapy: An Evidence Based Review and Case Histories 

Some articles written by Dr. Kim's team:


You can contact Dr. Kim directly; e-mail is the best way to reach him:

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