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How to start Keto EZ way?


  1. No Grains (rice, flours, pasta)

  2. No potato (or starchy vegetables)

  3. No Sugar


  • Eat protein first - chicken, beef, pork, turkey, eggs

  • Eat low carb vegetables - like broccoli, lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, cabbage

  • Limit

  • LIMIT any foods that trigger eating such as nuts, cheese, and other foods that make you want to eat more.

Some Practical Tips

  • Miss Crispy?: bacon baked to crispy or pork rinds or cheese crisps

  • Miss Bread?: keto bread - use in moderation

  • Sugar Craving: sugar substitute like stevia or monk's fruit powder or liquid can be helpful - use in moderation

  • Dessert: black berries with whipped cream (use in moderation)

  • Coffee - heavy cream

  • Ice cream - frozen strawberry with heavy cream in a powerful blender - like vita mix - mix until ice cream like texture is  accomplished


Traveling Tips:

  • Boiled eggs now sold in many gas stations

  • Hamburger without buns

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