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How fast can keto-diet work for person with T2D (Type 2 Diabetes)?

I recently saw someone who had an uncontrolled diabetes despite correct medical medical management. As I share often, there are many ways to enter into ketosis including fasting, green (low carb veg only) juicing, Duke keto (protein first - low carb moderate protein, moderate fat diet), Terry Wahl's modified paleo (low carb veg - sulfur and colorful first - low carb, moderate protein, low fat diet), and Carnivore diet are some ways to enter ketosis.

After consultation, we chose to create that person's own keto - combination of Terry Wahl's modified paleo and/or Duke Keto. In one month, weight loss of 5 pounds followed by improvements in blood sugar and reduction of Hemoglobin A1C by one point (in one month!). Because of improvements in blood sugar, one of diabetes medication was reduced - as it was contributing to low blood sugar.

As I, myself, have experienced the power of keto-diet for weight loss and T2D - loss of 50 pounds and HemA1c reduction of 3 points - without medications - I continued to be amazed how well keto-medicine can work to benefit our patients.

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